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Server Is Down

DBD_ANONYMOUS Owner posted Apr 4, 14
Sorry Guys Rev-Craft is down because of a host error dont know what yet but i hope it wont take long 

Welcome to the website

DBD_ANONYMOUS Owner posted Sep 26, 13
Hello and welcome to Revelation-Craft website here you can find many thing such as who online the server if the server is up or not and of you have friends that play on the server and have a enjin you can add them as a friend. So lets talk about the server its a 24/7 server its up most of the time with its down times as well most down time wont last long some could some wont any ways i hope to see you on the server allot i enjoy having new member as well so don't forget to invite you're friends also check up on the website from time to time to get updates as well that's all for now see you there ~Joey
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